Moving Forward Under COVID-19 Restrictions

It's been over three months since we announced our South Yarra shopfront would be closed to the public due to the Coronavirus epidemic that has shocked the world. Since then we've been trading online and doing our best to survive through very challenging times.

The general public of Australia has done an exemplary job of respecting social distancing laws and trying to minimise COVID-19's grip on our nation.

It's because of Australia's success in keeping the virus under control that businesses like ours can now finally consider opening our storefronts.

So, starting July 1 Guitar Station will be back to its regular trading hours on 10am to 5pm weekdays, and 11-4 on Saturday, and we'll finally be welcoming customers back into the store to browse and try out guitars.

There will be some rules and restrictions:

- Customers will be required to use the provided hand sanitiser before entering the store

- Customers will be expected to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5m from others at all times

- The maximum number of people allowed in the store (including staff) will be seven

We're excited to finally be offering customers a chance to browse through our store again, and we look forward to seeing you from July 1 onward.