BOSS Nextone Stage

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It's not everyday something comes along and just completely changes the way we approach amplifiers...But that's EXACTLY what we have here with the BOSS Nextone Stage.

This incredible solid-state amplifier genuinely has that tube-soaked old-school valve amp sound that guitarists love. It's remarkable that the team at BOSS has produced this affordable and easy to use amp with such amazing tone.

At 40-watts with a single 12" Custom Designed speaker, this amplifier has equivalent real-world volume to a 15-20 watt tube amp. You can also scale the power right down to get full tone at low volumes.

We're really excited to offer these remarkable amps at Guitar Station Melbourne!


    • Professional performance amplifier with authentic Tube Logic tone
    • Four analog Class AB power amp circuits, selectable from the panel: 6V6, 6L6, EL84, and EL34
    • 40 watts of power and custom 12-inch speaker
    • Clean and lead channels, with standard and custom mode options
    • External speaker jacks: one 8 ohm and two 16 ohm
    • Line, USB, and phones/recording outputs, with three Air Feel mic’d cab settings selectable from the Nextone Editor
    • Support for direct recording and re-amping via USB
BOSS Nextone Stage
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