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Epiphone Excellence

Epiphone, like its parent company Gibson, has an incredible history of producing guitars.

In recent times the Gibson company has renewed its commitment to Epiphone, developing a line of instruments that pay tribute to the higher-priced USA-built guitars on which the designs are based on.

The result? Well, play a new Epiphone and you'll see, the results speak for themselves. These guitars offer professional quality at a fraction of of the price you'd usually expect for such performance.

The Epiphone range has it all - From hard rocking SG models and versitle Les Paul guitars, to the charm of ES-335 and Epiphone Casino instruments.

Epiphone Guitars Australia
Epiphone Casino
Epiphone guitars on sale - The best prices in Melbourne, Australia
Epiphone Les Paul guitars from beginner to professional level models
Epiphone Inspired By Gibson

Epiphone Electric Guitars

Epiphone Guitars Australia


Here at Guitar Station we're absolutely in love with Epiphone guitars because seriously, what's not to love about them?

* Affordable prices  * Excellent build quality  * Classic designs

And that's just the beginning!

If you're thinking about adding something to your collection in the Gibson-style of instruments, Epiphone opens up a world of possibilities to make your budget go further and put professional quality guitars within anyone's reach.

Epiphone guitars are on sale every day at Guitar Station Melbourne and we ship all over Australia.