Something rare and awesome from Fender Japan

MIJ Fender guitars have long been revered for their exceptional quality and value for money, and we're excited to present this exclusive offer on the rare and extraordinary Aerodyne Stratocaster.

Fender Australia

An MIJ favourite - Vintage style tuners give you a familiar look and feel.

Fender Guitars

The cream binding looks amazing around Crimson Red Transparent finish.

Fender Melbourne

Overall a fantastic Fender Stratocaster that you never usually get to see.

Get yours before they're gone forever!

$2099 $1570

Fender Dealer Melbourne

"Visually the Aerodyne Strat is stunning in Crimson Red Transparent finish but the best bit is the neck, it's so easy to play."

— Henry Dalkin, Guitar Station owner

Stock is very limited

There's only a few of these available and once they've sold, we don't know if there'll ever be any more coming to Australia because these are originally a Japan-only release.

$2099 $1570

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