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Introducing the Fender American Original Series

What makes an original? Originality rejects the norm in search of something better. It's part of the Fender heritage, and it lives on in the American Original series. These 'best-of-the-decade' versions of Fender's most iconic instruments are updated to be even more playable for the modern musician.

The 1950s

Fender gave the world a glimpse into the future in the 1950s, a decade that marked the arrival of three enduring icons - The Telecaster, Stratocaster and Precision Bass. The American Original '50s range captures the excitement, energy and innovation of Fender's illustrious golden era.

The 1960s

Music evolved in the 1960s and Fender's guitar designs changed as well to move with the times. The Fender Jazz Bass, Jazzmaster and Jaguar became part of the musical landscape while Strats and Teles had all-new options added to their story and the American Original '60s range recreates the vibe.

The 1970s

Some glitz and glam was sprinkled across modern music in the 1970s and this was reflected in the design upgrades to the Fender Jazz bass during this time. The Fender American Original '70s Jazz Bass has all the classic hallmarks of the era as well as the advantage of modern playability.

"I was playing used guitars, so they're always dinged up and played a little, worn in, and that's why this series is cool. These are like a new version of that era type of guitar"  KURT VILE '60s Jaguar