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The Legend's Guitar

Malcolm Young's iconic Gretsch guitar was the backbone of AC/DC's revolutionary sound. His unmistakable rhythm tone paved set a standard by which rock guitar tone as now measured today.

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A True Icon

When Gretsch released a limited number of Custom Shop Malcolm Young models last year the response was overwhelming which was incredible given the price tag was up close to $15,000!

This year Gretsch and the Young family agreed to produce a tribute model to one of the most important guitarists in rock music history at a price-point where any guitarists can afford one without compromising on true Gretsch quality.

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Arriving October

Our initial shipment of this historic guitar will arrive in November and we're taking orders now - There's no guarantee that they'll remain an ongoing model so it's a very good idea to buy while you can!

Flick us an email to register your interest and access our EXCLUSIVE PRE-ORDER PRICING!