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Expert servicing and repairs done right every time at one of Melbourne's most trusted guitar shops.

We love guitars

Let's face it, we're total guitar geeks here at Guitar Station! We live and breathe this stuff so we're always excited about the opportunity to help you get the most out of your instrument.

Whether it's a basic re-string you need - All the way through to major remedial work - We're very capable and experienced working on all kinds of electric guitars and acoustic guitars, including precious vintage instruments.


Re-string & Clean


Just need new strings?

No worries, easy done. We're not going to stop there though...We're gonna give your guitar a quick clean and while we’re at it, perform a 12-step health check on your instrument.

- Change strings

- Basic clean and polish

- 12-step guitar health check so you know exactly what shape your guitar is in.

Service & Adjustment


OK so generally your guitar plays fine but it could do with its annual spruce up and adjustments to keep things running smoothly?

Our Service Set-Up is all about keeping your guitar in great shape.

- Change strings

- Optimise string height/playing action

- Deep clean and polish

- Clean and condition fingerboard

- Polish frets

- Adjust intonation

Ultimate Set-up


Get the most out of your guitar and experience Melbourne’s premier guitar set-up service. Our precision fretwork is done completely by hand with your guitar strapped into an Erlewine Neck Jig to simulate string tension in the playing position (you can’t do THAT with a PLEK machine!) for the most accurate fret level possible.

- Change strings

- Optimise string height/playing action

- Deep clean and polish

- Clean and condition fingerboard

- Precision fret level under simulated string tension

- Expert fret crown / dress / polish

- File nut precisely to match the new fret height

- Adjust intonation

- Full hardware and electronics check

Joseph Price - One of Melbourne's most experienced Guitar Luthiers. From repairs, modifications, re-frets and headstock breaks right through to vintage restorations, 'Soxy' is the best guy in town for all professional guitar repair work. He builds some amazing instruments too!

Soxy Guitar Repair Setup - Melbourne Guitar Luthier Joseph Price
Guitar Repairs Melbourne

Henry Dalkin - King of the fret level and owner at Guitar Station. Rumour has it he was once locked inside a room with a Plek machine for a fret-levelling death match...The fact he's still here tells us the Plek machine came off second best!

Guitar Setup Melbourne

Luke Elliot - Whenever the soldering iron is hot at Guitar Station, more often than not you'll find our man Luke precisely wiring a guitar up better than new. 

How we price guitar repairs:

STEP 1: Choose a set-up

Restring & Clean $45, Service Set-Up $90, The Guitar Station Pro Set-Up $240

The thing about repairs and mods is that many of them are going to involve doing

something that throws the set-up of your guitar out of whack…At the very least your

guitar strings are going to need to be replaced because you’re better off paying us to

put new ones on your guitar than paying us for the extra time it takes for us to carefully

remove, preserve and refit the ones already on your guitar while we do the work!

STEP 2: Estimate job time

Bench charge is $90 per hour, charged in 30-minute increments

Here’s few examples of estimated job times for certain common guitar repairs and


Install Ulbrick NRS system - hum cancelling - 30 minutes

Fret spot level (level, crown and polish one high fret) - 30 minutes

Output jack (remove the old, install the new) - 30 minutes

Single pickup (remove the old, install the new) - 30 minutes

Potentiometer (remove the old, install the new) - 30 minutes

Pickup set (remove the old, install the new) - 1 hour

Nut (remove the old, shape and install the new pre-cut nut) - 1 hour

Switch pickup selector (remove the old, install the new) - 1 hour

Upgrade a set of tuners (remove the old, install the new) - 1 hour

Upgrade a set of bridge saddles (remove the old, install the new) - 1 hour

Install Strat pickguard (remove the old, install the new) - 1 hour

Shielding - Copper tape cavity shielding - 1 hours & 30 minutes

Rewire entire Strat (remove the old, install the new) - 2 hours

Nut - Custom made from scratch (remove the old, install the new) - 2 hours

Example 1: Customer needs new output jack installed

This is just about the only repair that doesn’t require removing strings!

- 30 minutes for the jack swapover - $45

- High quality DiMarzio USA output jack - $11


Example 2: Customer needs new pre-cut nut installed

After installing the nut it is very important to set the guitar up properly so it plays right.

- On hour for the nut swap over - $90

- High quality Tusq nut - $18

- Service Set Up - $90

- Fender 10-46 nickel-plated strings - $10


Example 3: Customer has dents in multiple frets, has a scratchy pot and wants a new bridge pickup

Countless gigs and jam sessions have gone by, it’s time to give the old workhorse some love and make it even BETTER than when it was new!

- 30 minutes for the pot swapover - $45

- 30 minutes for the pickup swapover - $45

- The Ultimate Set-Up (as described in servicing details above) - $240

- Gretsch Hilo’Tron bridge pickup - $150

- Fender 10-46 nickel-plated strings - $10