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Guitar Station Lay-by Policy


Thank you for choosing to shop with Guitar Station. The following is our store policy regarding lay-by transactions. We encourage you to read each point carefully before proceeding with your lay-by purchase.

1. Each lay-by purchase will be initiated by a deposit equal to 20 per cent of the total value of the goods being placed on lay-by. This deposit can be paid via cash, EFTPOS, credit card and bank transfer. Cheques will only be accepted if approved by management.

2. Payments are to be made on a fortnightly basis unless other payment terms have been arranged previously by management. Payments are to be of at least 10 percent of the outstanding lay-by balance. Failure to meet the required payment schedule will result in immediate cancellation of your lay-by. For items placed on forward order, no further payments are required after the deposit is paid; full balance of the item can be paid by the customer when the item arrives in stock.

3. The maximum term of lay-by is 60 days from the start-up date (date of the initial deposit payment).

4. The lay-by customer will forfeit the lay-by goods and their initial 20 per cent deposit if they: a) Fail to meet their payment schedule as specified by this agreement. b) Fail to complete full payment of the item(s) on lay-by within the time period specified. Any follow-up payments made after the initial 20 per cent deposit will be refunded to the customer.

5. The customer is within their rights to cancel their lay-by any time prior to the completion of the lay-by. By signing this document the customer agrees to forfeit their initial 20 per cent deposit as a cancelation fee. This fee covers Guitar Station’s costs relating to your lay-by transaction including but not limited to storage, administration, bank fees, loss of value, re-advertising and re-selling the goods.

6. Lay-by items cannot be exchanged or refunded in any way, for any reason after the lay-by transaction has been completed – so please choose goods carefully. Lay-by items are covered fully by manufacturer warranties just like all other items sold at Guitar Station, for more information on warranties please read here.