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Unbeatable value - From beginner to professional.

The Tanglewood guitars philosophy is simple - Offer the best quality acoustic guitars possible for the price.

No matter what your budget is, we're confident that whatever Tanglewood has at that price-point will compare very favourably to anything else you can find for the same amount of money.

Our Tanglewoods Are Better

Why are our Tanglewood guitars better than any other store?

It's very simple - We go out of our way to ensure you're getting a great guitar.

We carefully quality inspect each one - If we receive a guitar that doesn't meet our strict standards, we send it straight back.

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Quality Control

We carefully quality inspect each guitar - If we receive one that doesn't meet our strict standards, we send it straight back.

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Set-up To Play

Our professional guitar technicians adjust and optimise each Tanglewood guitar so your new instrument is ready to play. 

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We've got a great relationship with the Tanglewood team so if for some reason there's a problem, we'll sort it quickly.

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We've always got an impressive hand-picked selection of Tanglewood acoustic guitars available online and in-store - There really is something for everyone in the Tanglewood guitar range...From beginner to professional.

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