BOSS Nextone Artist

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It's not everyday something comes along and just completely changes the way we approach amplifiers...But that's EXACTLY what we have here with the BOSS Nextone Artist.

This incredible solid-state amplifier genuine has that tube-soaked old-school valve amp sound that guitarists love. It's truly remarkable that the team at BOSS has produced such an affordable and easy to use amp with such amazing tone.

At 80-watts with a single 12" Custom Designed speaker, this amplifier has enough guts to compete with a drum kit if you crack it wide open. You can also scale the power right down to get full tone at low volumes.

We're really excited to offer these remarkable amps at Guitar Station Melbourne!


    • Professional performance amplifier with authentic Tube Logic tone
    • Four analog Class AB power amp circuits, selectable from the panel: 6V6, 6L6, EL84, and EL34
    • 80 watts of power and custom 12-inch speaker
    • Clean and lead channels, with standard and custom mode options
    • External speaker jacks: one 8 ohm and two 16 ohm
    • Line, USB, and phones/recording outputs, with three Air Feel mic’d cab settings selectable from the Nextone Editor
    • Support for direct recording and re-amping via USB
BOSS Nextone Artist
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