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Cleartone Electric Guitar Strings - World's Best Guitar Strings

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Cleartone Electric Guitar Strings - World's Best Guitar Strings - Guitar Station Melbourne, Australia

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Cleartone nickel-plated electric guitar strings - Specially treated to sound better, feel better and last longer than every other guitar string on earth.


There's nothing better than Cleartone

Just about every string brand has made the claim at some stage that they've invented "the longest-lasting guitar string" and also that "our coated string sounds just like your favourite regular string" but realistically, there's only one brand that can truly make such claims - CLEARTONE.

For a long time in our store our best selling strings were from rival well-known string brand Elixir, who themselves produce a very decent range of long-life guitar strings.

But the truth is Cleartone is simply a superior product and we have been absolutely thrilled with the feedback we've had from customers since we started selling the Cleartone range of strings.

Why is Cleartone superior? Is it really better than Elixir, D'Addario, Ernie Ball? Well, first of all lets get one thing straight...Of the 'other' brands out there, Elixir is definitely the best one, so lets do a side-by-side comparison between Cleartone and Elixir: 

- Cleartone manufacturers its own strings...Elixir does not.

- Cleartone strings are LOUD...An independent lab verified Cleartones are 36% louder than Elixir strings and 48% more sustain. Why? Cleartone has the thinnest coating of any treated string on the market and is the only one that doesn't have a subtle 'deadening' effect on the strings. 

- Cleartone was developed by musicians, for musicians. The original string design was pioneered by Phil Everly in fact, you know him as one half of the ultra-famous American rock 'n' roll pioneers the Everly brothers. Phil's son Jason took things to the next level by developing a patented coating that is only a micron thick, making it so thin that rather than call it a coating he refers to it as a treatment - It's so thin that if the strings at the factory didn't have info tags, the staff wouldn't be able to tell which strings had been treated or not!

Elixir on the other hand was developed by Gore, you know, the brand on your Kathmandu jacket or the tools your doctor is using. Gore gets an OEM string maker to provide generic strings then they slap their own fluoropolymer (teflon) coating on them and call them Elixir strings.

Setup & Quality Inspection

We carefully inspect each guitar sold here at Guitar Station and put the instrument through our workshop where a skilled technician performs a full set up prior to shipping to ensure your new guitar plays great.

Reliable Shipping

All guitars sold at Guitar Station are carefully packed and shipped with professional couriers. We have full insurance coverage on each shipment for loss and damage.