Fender American Professional Stratocaster - Sienna Burst RW - CLEARANCE

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We've teamed up with Fender Music Australia to bring our customers an exclusive opportunity to snap up a genuine bargain on Fender American Professional guitars this Christmas!

Sometimes during production and shipping, a guitar will get through quality control with a minor visual defect of some kind - These scratches/dents/blemishes have zero effect on the playability and sound of the instrument, and for the most part aren't even noticeable unless you're really closely scrutinising the finish of the guitar.

This particular Strat is new, is in 100% working order and has a two year warranty - It just has the following small imperfection:



* An unprecedented opportunity to save big $$$ on a genuine Fender American Professional guitar.

* This guitar is covered by a full 2-year warranty from Fender Music Australia. The warranty doesn't cover finish blemishes/defects but it does cover everything else as normal.

* The guitar is sold with either a scratch, dent or finish blemish that resulted in Fender assigning 'B-stock' status - Meaning it plays 100%, sounds 100%, there's just a small visual flaw that made it unsuitable to sell with 'brand new' status. Read the above description and check the photos so you can see what minor visual defect has led to this exclusive opportunity to snap up a bargain!