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Fender Custom Shop '64 Jazz Bass - Cimarron Red, NOS

SKU 9216008731

Custom built exclusively for Guitar Station, this stunning Cimarron Red 1964 Jazz Bass exudes class and sounds as awesome as it looks.

* Note: A while back a local renowned photographer asked if he could borrow this bass for a photo shoot...Unfortunately the muppet mishandled it a bit as well as overzealously polishing on the headstock around the waterslide decal, so the part of the headstock as well as a small area on the bottom of the bass near the strap button look a little on the ''Closet Classic' to Journeyman Relic' side.

We've priced this bass $900 lower than our original asking price based on the above-described minor cosmetic imperfections.

For technical info see the spec sheet in the photo gallery!