Fender Handwired ’57 Custom Deluxe - LIMITED EDITION Alnico Cream

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Everyone wishes they had something like a Fender Handwired ’57 Custom Deluxe in their collection, and this is definitely THE ULTIMATE version - Upgraded with our favourite Celestion speaker of all time - The Celestion Alnico Cream.

This amp doesn't just sound amazing, Fender has made sure it looks a million bucks too with a limited edition blonde vinyl covering and blond grill cloth, as well as an official Limited Edition badge on the back.

The Fender Handwired ’57 Custom Deluxe is renowned as a bit of electronic wizardry - an extraordinary amplifier with stunning clean tone and the complex, organic overdrive guitarists crave. Based on the original highly sought-after collector’s piece, this two-channel combo sings and snarls with the authentic Fender sound that birthed rock ‘n’ roll.


-12 watts of the most incredible vintage Fender tone

- Original 5E3 circuit with Fender Pure Vintage yellow capacitors and Mercury Magnetics transformers

- Single 12AY7, single 12AX7 preamp tubes, two GT6V6 power tubes, single 5Y3 rectifier tube

- Point-To-Point handwired in the USA

- Celestion Alnico Cream 12" Speaker

- Blonde covering and grill cloth

- Lightweight solid Pine cabinet

- Premium Fender amp cover included

- Available exclusively in Australia from Guitar Station 

Fender Handwired ’57 Custom Deluxe - LIMITED EDITION Alnico Cream
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