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Ex-demo - Artist played - Factory finish imperfections

A huge number of customers have inquired regarding Gibson's Demo Shop on Reverb for American customers only.
We decided to push for Aussie guitarists to get a similar opportunity for bargains so we've worked closely with Australia's Gibson distribution partner to present an exclusive opportunity to snap up bargain-priced Gibson B-stock instruments.

All Gibson B-stock guitars are priced 35-50% off RRP!

Gibson Custom Les Paul Custom Quilted Maple Top - Honeyburst (B-Stock Special) #B19

SKU 8300218-B19

Retail price: $13,499 | Our current sale price for new stock: $10,590

You don't see one of these every day! Gibson Custom has only ever built a very small number of these incredible Honeyburst Les Paul Custom Quilt Top masterpieces and this one has just about the best Quilted Maple top we've ever seen on a Gibson guitar!

It's very light and resonant for a Les Paul Custom - Hallmarks of the highest quality Mahogany used for the body.

Cosmetic issue that led to this being a B-stock instrument: There's some nitro lacquer checking on the headstock around the logo and the spit diamond inlay. This happens to every Les Paul Custom eventually so some would still consider this a flawless guitar but because this one started checking early before it ever shipped to a store, Gibson allocated it as a B stock instrument...Hence the incredible discount!

* Checked over by our team and set up ready to play with 10-46 strings.

* Includes genuine Gibson Custom hardcase and certificate of authenticity.


Gibson Demo Shop - Gibson USA B-Stock guitars - ex-demo, artist played etc

Exclusive Gibson USA B-Stock Bargains

B-stock guitars can include instruments used by Gibson endorsed artists for a gig or recording session, some might be ex-demo from trade shows etc while the rest are simply designated B-stock because of minor finishing issues from the factory.

The world LOVES Gibson guitars (we sure do!) but if there's one knock on them it's the common knowledge that the lacquer finishing isn't always spot on. In fact most of us Gibson lovers often joke about the fact there's not really any such thing as a perfectly finished Gibson guitar 😆

Gibson's factory quality control team tries its best to maintain a standard when shipping out guitars but sometimes instruments do make their way out of the factory with finish imperfections that would be categorized as a blemish which gets in the way of selling the guitar as a brand spankin' new Gibson.

Gibson's Australian distribution partner Australis Music has an exceptional team carefully inspecting each Gibson guitar that ships to Australia. Sometimes the team encounters these minor cosmetic blemishes on a guitar and they set it aside for the guitar to be assessed further.

Once the Australis team of guitar techs has confirmed the guitar plays right/sounds right and simply just has a cosmetic imperfection, the guitar is designated as B-Stock and made available to stores for purchase to offer B-Stock bargains to their customers with heavily discounted prices and three-month warranties for customer piece of mind.

And they really are bargains!

The cosmetic blemishes are no worse than any scratches/dings etc a player will end up inflicting on their guitar anyway through playing them, running into things on stage, bumping the corner of a desk in the studio, knocking over a stand in the lounge etc.