Kemper Profiler PowerRack - 600w

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You've seen the The Kemper Profiler rack and heard about the amazing guitar sounds you can achieve with it, and now you can get it with a 600-watt power amp to pair it with your favourite speaker cabinets.

The Kemper Profiler- Or Profiling Amplifier - Is an incredibly powerful tool for guitarists.

The basic idea is that the tone of ANY guitar amplifier/speaker cabinet/microphone combination can be captured and authentically recalled by the Kemper Profiler, making it possible to have a world-class collection of amp tones at your fingertips right in the box!

There's also a swag of stompbox effects, studio effects and editing tools onboard to help shape and create your signature sound, and a host of flexible routing options for recording studio and live performance applications.



Kemper Profiler PowerRack - 600w
Back view of Kemper Profiler PowerRack - 600w