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Klein 1950 Epic Series Broadcaster Pickups


Holy cow, THIS is the sound the created a legend - It's what absolutely made early 'blackguard' Fender Telecasters the fabled icons they are today.

Get the sound of those classic original golden era guitars by installing a set of these stunning Klein Broadcaster Epic Series Pickups into your Tele.

These 1950 Broadcaster pickups use Original Alloy Magnets, sent to an Independent Laboratory for Metallurgical Chemical Analysis Testing. Klein deals direct with a specialist magnet manufacturer to get magnets specially poured to the exact composition of the originals from the '50s.

The Broadcaster bridge pickup consists of a unique blend Alnico 3 (unique to only the Broadcaster) and the Broadcaster neck has an extremely unique composition of Alnico 5 (unique only to the Broadcaster). Both of these magnets are unique to the Fender Broadcaster and Klein is the only manufacturer offering this detailed of a reproduction.

The 43ga Plain Enamel wire in these pickups is not just stock wire. Klein sent several samples of wire from early Fender Telecasters for analysis. As a result, they get 43ga Plain Enamel built to the exact specs of the samples analysed -Exact Resistance, Exact ID & OD, plus colour matching.

A word from Klein: Current production Alnico 3 is very bright & brittle, it has a rather harsh upper mid range compression. The Original Broadcaster Bridge Alloy Alnico 3 (which is different from current Alnico 3 & is different from the 1952 Alnico 3 alloy) is far warmer sounding and has a lower mid range compression. The Original Broadcaster Neck Alloy Alnico 5 is warm and fuzzy. It has a crispness that is lacking in current production Alnico 5 magnets. Most players today associate current production Alnico 5 with a Bright, Harsh, & Brittle top end. The Klein Broadcaster Neck is none of these. The tone of the neck is warm, full, driven, & fuzzy. It has a nice bark to it but it doesn't lose any of the overall clarity that overwound pickups lose.