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Klein 1955 Epic Series Stratocaster Pickups

by Klein

The first time we heard a set of Klein 1955 Epic Series Strat pickups was like an 'aha' moment where a lightbulb goes off over your head - Instantly we felt like this is THE sound of the 1950s and that basically every '50s-style Fender Strat should have a set of these bad boys installed.

Why these pickups and not a set of Fender '50s oriented pickups?

Well, there's nothing wrong with the Fenders at all, in fact we quite like them. There's also other great options like the Lollar Strat Tweed, Seymour Duncan SSL1 and stuff like that...But NONE of the competition do it like Klein.

The difference is in Chris Klein's unwavering dedication to telling the story of tone in its most pure form - manufacturing the most accurate vintage pickup reproductions ever. The Klein process begins with chemically analysing original pickup magnets and wire, then reproducing them with the exact same magnets and wire.

There's no stock magnets or wire, nor does Klein degauss magnets and say they are vintage.  Klein magnets are only as strong as the elemental composition will hold and the wire is specially manufactured for purpose with all different types of resistances and O.D.'s, following processes strikingly different to modern conventional wire manufacturing.

Output (approx): Neck 5.5k, Middle 5.6k, Bridge 5.6k