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Klein 1961 Epic Series Telecaster Pickups


If you like the idea of having a lot of headroom and dynamics to work with in a Fender Telecaster then you really need to get your hands on a set of Klein 1961 Epic Series Tele pickups!

Warm, defined and articulate with impressive bottom-end response, the '61s are lower output and generally a little smoother-sounding than early '50s style Tele pickups. A lot of people who want more twang and spank go for something like a Broadcaster set while the blues and rock guys go for the early '60s sound.

The lengths Chris Klein goes to when it comes to accurately recreating genuine vintage 1961 Fender Telecaster pickups is extraordinary. He works closely with laboratories to help his suppliers develop custom magnets and wire that have the same properties as the materials and components Fender used in 1961 because there is a HUGE difference between, for example, what today's Alnico V magnets sound like compared to what was produced as Alnico V back in the day.

Even things like the baseplates are manufactured the way Leo Fender originally made them, using cold-rolled steel with a copper plated finish and are a vintage correct 0.06" thick, not the thin stuff available through other companies these days.