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Klein 1962 Epic Series Stratocaster Pickups

by Klein

For many guitarists, the sound of an original early '60s Fender Stratocaster is the absolute holy grail of tone - Now you can have that EXACT sound in your own Strat with these incredible Klein 1962 Epic Series Strat pickups.

The Epic Series 1962 Pickups use original Alloy Alnico V magnets that Chris Klein sends to an independent laboratory for Metallurgical Chemical Analysis Testing as part of the process to ensure the custom magnets poured for Klein are EXACTLY like what Fender was using in 1962.

Klein's 42ga Heavy Formvar wire is not just stock wire - They sent dozens of samples of wire from early Stratocasters for laboratory analysis, and then get 42ga Heavy Formvar built to the exact specs of the samples analyse - Exact Resistance, Exact ID & OD, & Colour matching.

When you hear these pickups the first thing you'll notice is the unprecedented open and full low-end, paired with a very nice medium output, bringing out a perfect balance to the mid range drive in these pickups.

The Epic Series 1962 Pickups have just the right amount of bark in the mids, clean when strummed politely while driving when played more aggressively . The top end clarity present and very well balanced. Overall, these are a medium output set that can drive and bark when needed.

Output (approx): Neck 6.4k, Middle 6.5k, Bridge 6.3k