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Klein 1965 Epic Series Stratocaster Pickups

by Klein

When customers are chasing a good blues-rock pickup set for a Stratocaster they often reference Stevie Ray Vaughan because the SRV 'Lenny' guitar is considered the gold standard for smokey bluesy rock tones.

Well we're pleased to say we've got the ultimate pickup set for the job - The Klein 1965 Epic Series Strat Pickups are by far the most accurate reproduction of the fabled L-series Strat sound, recreated with a fine level of detail unmatched by anyone, not even by Fender themselves.

the tone of Klein's authentic 1965 pickups is just amazing. Why? The main reason is that materials used in the '50s and '60s are not the same as today's off the shelf parts. Replicating every alloy, every element, every aspect of a pickup is why our Klein Epic Series Pickups sound identical to a real pickup of the year they're based on.

Output (approx): Neck 6.4k, Middle 6.4k, Bridge 6.4k