Marshall 1959HW Handwired 100W Head - The Marshall Plexi

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The fabled Marshall Plexi era (mid to late '60s) amps are sought after for their warmth and power, and with this latest incarnation - The Marshall 1959HW - You can own an amp that's built with only the best that era had to offer.

During the '60s Marshall was known to swap out bits and pieces from amp to amp during production, using whatever components were available to him that day...And over time guitarists begn to realise some things worked just lightly better than others.

An essential element of this latest Handwired masterpiece is the power transformer. Tone gurus know transformers are an integral part of the Plexi sound, and for this model Marshall worked closely with Dagnall to duplicate the later-era Plexi power transformer that many top guitarists, producers and collectors hold in high regard today.