Marshall JVM210H - 100W Head

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Gigging guitarists who need plenty of headroom and tonal flexibilty have all their prayers answered with the awesome Marshall JVM210H 100-watt guitar amp head.

- Made in England

- 100 watts of tube power

- Preamp tubes: 4x ECC83, 1x ECC83 (phase splitter)

- Output tubes: 4x EL34

- Speakers outs: 1x 16Ω, 2x 8Ω and 2x 4Ω options

- Two effects loops: 1x series parallel, 1x series

- Foot controller included



Just how good is this amp? Here's quick note from the boss regarding Marshall JVM guitar amps:

"I started gigging over 20 years ago and on top of that I've been managing music stores for the past decade...I've played everything, you name a brand/model and I've either owned it or have experience selling them.

"These days I can play through anything I want and without a doubt, there's no better amp for me to go out and gig with than my Marshall JVM rig - I use a JVM210H through a 1960B cab and its absolutely fucking mighty. Classic Marshall tone, routing and switching options galore and ultimate reliability.

"Sure I love Plexis, JCM800s and all the other historic Marshalls but I can do those tones PLUS modern high gain and much more with my JVM. Oh and the clean tones are killer too!"