TKL Phantom Vintage-Style Hard Case (suits Tele, Mustang and Wolfgang)

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Here at Guitar Station we've negotiated a closeout deal on the last remaining batch of TKL Phantom Vintage hardcases in Australia.

These superb cases have been sitting in a wholesaler's warehouse for over a decade, long-forgotten about until a recent clean-out. When we heard about them we saw a huge opportunity to offer out loyal customers a great deal on a great case...So we bought them all!

The three body shape that fit perfectly snug in this case are Fender Telecaster, Fender Mustang and EVH Wolfgang.

Please note, these are NOS (new old stock) and will possibly show a few superficial signs of sitting around for an extended time in a warehouse, things like a tiny bit of tolex cover needing a dab of glue coz it's lifted slightly, or some pinstripe piping around the edge needing a dab of glue because a bit has come lose...BUT from a fuctionality standpoint they're 100% perfect.