Fender Guitars - We're obsessed!

The Guitar Station story simply can't be told without mentioning Fender guitars at least six million times.....

Fender Stratocaster - Fender Telecaster


Fender guitars and amps have been the backbone of popular music since 1946.

Fender Guitars Melbourne


The glorious tone of Fender guitars and amps is unmistakable.

Fender Australia


Professional players rely on Fender gear on stage and in the studio.

Fender Electric Guitars - Strat, Tele, Jaguar, Jazzmaster


Stratocaster - Telecaster - Jazzmaster - Jaguar - Mustang

The names conjure up so many images of incredible musicians making inspirational music. There's no denying Fender electric guitars are simply the most iconic musical instruments of all time.

Here at Guitar Station we've always got Australia's best range of Fender guitars - Check out our current range of Fender electric guitars now.


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