Trademark Notice

FENDER MUSIC AUSTRALIA PTY LTD [ABN 34 613 081 191] is the registered owner of the following trade marks: FENDER; STRATOCASTER; STRAT; TELECASTER; TELE; PRECISION BASS; P-BASS; JAZZ BASS; J-BASS; SQUIER; BASSMAN; SUPER BULLETS; the distinctive head stock shapes of the TELECASTER, STRATOCASTER, & certain FENDER PRECISION BASS and JAZZ BASS guitars; SWR; JACKSON; the distinctive head stock shape of the JACKSON guitar; CHARVEL; CHARVEL BY JACKSON CHARVEL; PASSPORT; BRAND X; STARCASTER; FENDER ROADSHOW; and THE SPIRIT OF ROCK-N-ROLL. Only Fender Music Australia can authorise these trade marks for Australia.