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An American Icon - Gibson Guitars

Guitar Station is Melbourne's premier destination shop for Gibson guitars, with a commitment to being the best Gibson dealer in Australia.

We work closely with Gibson's Australian representatives to carefully select only the finest instruments and each guitar is optimized in-store to ensure you're satisfied with your next investment in a Gibson guitar.

Gibson Les Paul - A true musical icon

When American guitarist extraordinaire and avid inventor Mr Les Paul knocked up his first electric guitar using a log of wood and a bunch of spare parts, no one could have predicted just how much the course of musical history had changed forever.

Gibson Les Paul guitars have become the backbone of rock music and big, bold blues plus much more, and no collection is complete without at least one cherished Gibson Les Paul in the rack.

Classic...Iconic...Timeless...The legendary Gibson Les Paul.


Gibson SG - A rock 'n' Roll weapon

The Gibson SG was originally intended to replace the Les Paul lineup of guitars when Gibson was struggling to keep pace with Fender in the race for electric guitar supremacy back in the golden era of early rock music.

Instead of simply being a cheaper replacement, the SG became iconic in its own right - Striking looks, huge tone, lightweight to weild on stage and unbeatable upper fret access for monster guitar solos.

Gibson SG guitars have earned a reputation as a true workhorse instruments.


Gibson ES - Semi-hollow and hollow electric guitars

Gibson ES "Electric Spanish" guitars are renowned the world over for surprising sonic versatility, making them a great choice for all styles of music.

Playing a Gibson ES series guitar on stage or in the studio makes a huge statement visually and tonally.

If you haven't played something like the ES-335 before, do yourself a favour and add one to your collection...You won't be disappointed!


Gibson Designer Models - Spectacular showstoppers

The Gibson Flying V, the Gibson Explorer and the Gibson Firebird - All three designs were revolutionary at the time of development and still inspire and influence the entire guitar universe to this day.

From the unique design and function elements of the Firebird, to the 'all eyes on me' statement a Flying V and Explorer make, it's always exhilarating to hit the stage with one of these Gibson masterpieces.

Gibson Custom