Fender Front Row Legend Esquire

Fender Front Row Legend Esquire 0

The Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Front Row Legend Esquire

A slice of music history

From its humble beginnings as a makeshift stage to its now-legendary status as one of the best concert venues in Southern California, the Hollywood Bowl is part of the rich tapestry of Hollywood history. This natural outdoor amphitheater has hosted performances by some of the most well-known and respected artists of every musical genre; from Frank Sinatra to Jimi Hendrix and everyone in-between, the Hollywood Bowl has been bathed in pure musical magic for decades. Fender Custom Shop Master Builder Yuriy Shishkov captured and distilled that mojo, adding a healthy infusion of Fender's timeless style and history with the incredible Front Row Legend Esquire. This guitar is crafted from 100-year-old Alaskan yellow cedar reclaimed from the original bench boards that have been resonating with the sounds emanating from “The Bowl” since 1919.

The heritage of the Front Row Legend Esquire doesn't stop with the wood; its design is based on the legendary single-pickup precursor to the Telecaster. This guitar has the same punchy tone and snappy attack that vintage Esquire guitars are known for, but with the added touches only a Masterbuilt guitar can have. Vintage enthusiasts are sure to love everything about this guitar from its ‘60s-style “Oval C”-shaped quartersawn maple neck, 7.25"-radius fingerboard and vintage frets, to its original-spec Broadcaster bridge pickup, oxidized brass hardware and push-pull volume pot for additional tonal flexibility. The wood's original patina, with its cracks, bolt holes and scratches is preserved, and the boards were hand-selected for the coolest and most distinct markings. Every guitar also has a different original "seat number" on the top of the body, so each is truly unique. An ultra-thin satin finish is then applied to preserve the look of the wood in its original condition. Hold a piece of history in your hands and join the ranks of the legends that have graced the Hollywood Bowl's stage with the Front Row Legend Esquire.


Only ONE of these amazing guitars will make its way to Australia, another Guitar Station exclusive. Don't miss this rare opportunity to add an iconic centrepiece to your guitar or music memorabilia collection

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Fender Masterbuilt Pacific Battle Guitars

Fender Masterbuilt Pacific Battle Guitars 0

Pacific Battle Pickguard made from B-25 Mitchell Bomber
B-25 Mitchell Bomber in action
Fender Pacific Battle Strat headstock

When iconic pieces of history collide the results can be spectacular 

Fender Master Builder Yuriy Shishkov has produced some of his finest work yet, inspired by the legendary B-25 Mitchell Bomber - A revolutionary aircraft that played a huge role in the Allied Forces victory in World War II.

Each of these rare collectible guitars feature a pickguard crafted from the actual aluminium skin of an original operational B-25 aircraft, of which only a handful remain airworthy today.

These guitars are more than just a collectible though, they're genuinely some of the best playing and sounding guitars ever made by Fender with premium grade timber and components at every turn.


* Handpicked select Ash body

* Master grade Mahogany neck

* Genuine Ebony fingerboard

* Custom Shop Handwound Fat '50s Pickups

* Large C-shape neck, 9.5" fingerboard radius, 6105 frets

* Limited Edition Army Green Deluxe Hardcase

Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Pacific Battle Guitars

Exclusive to Guitar Station

Only one each of the Stratocaster and Telecaster will make its way to Australia, and we're excited to have secured both of them to offer to our customers. These are highly collectible guitars that would make an incredible centrepiece for any guitar collection.

Arriving November - Call us on 03 9826 8942 to secure your Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Pacific Battle guitar today.

Introducing The George Harrison Telecaster

Introducing The George Harrison Telecaster 0

Fender George Harrison Rosewood Telecaster


As the story goes, Fender planned to introduce an all-rosewood Telecaster to its wide range of offerings. Who better to play the prototype than Harrison? After he received the gift in 1968, the Rosewood Telecaster quickly became an iconic instrument, as it was used it in the film Let It Be, during the Beatles’ Abbey Road recording sessions and even in the Beatles’ iconic final public performance on the rooftop of the Apple Corps headquarters. Now, it is available in Fender’s new limited-edition George Harrison Rosewood Telecaster, a commemoration of Harrison’s legacy. Based on the original that was built by luthier Roger Rossmeisl, this model boasts a chambered rosewood body, a rosewood neck and fingerboard, and a custom neck plate engraved with an Om symbol.

Don't Miss Out


Fender is only producing 1000 of these for the world and only a handful have been allocated to Australia, get your piece of history while stocks last.


From a legendary guitar player, a legendary guitar: The George Harrison Rosewood Telecaster®. Admired for his inspiring playing ability and songwriting prowess, George Harrison reigns as one of the premier icons in music history. This limited-edition Tele®, based on the guitar created exclusively for Harrison by Roger Rossmeisel in 1967, embodies George's elegantly restrained playing style and sound.

Harrison Tele 2


The rosewood neck offers a modern 9.5” radius, like Harrison’s original, along with medium-jumbo frets that allow for fast playing and big bends.

Harrison Tele 3


The custom-stamped George Harrison “Om” logo on the neckplate makes this guitar a standout in any collector’s brood.

Why everyone should have a good Fender Strat in their guitar collection

Why everyone should have a good Fender Strat in their guitar collection 0

There's no denying the illustrious history of the Stratocaster

Any music fans familiar with the iconic shape of the Strat can easily rattle off a few example of great guitarists through the ages who have wielded a Stratocaster during their career. The iconic model has been the weapon of choice for players like Jeff Beck, John Mayer, Eric Clapton, Bryan Adams, Mark Knopfler and Jimi Hendrix just to name a few.

Because of the strong images and impressions certain influential players have created throughout music history, it's easy for guitarists who don't own a Strat to mistakenly believe a Strat doesn't have the sound they want. 'I don't want to sound like so-and-so' is a line we sometimes encounter here at Guitar Central when we introduce Strats to the uninitiated.

In reality, a good Strat is just about the most useful and versatile guitars you could have in your collection and we think having at least one is essential for any serious player.

We could spend hours rattling off hundreds of reasons why you need a Strat but today we'll go with our top five:

5) Simplicity

For all the useful tones and features a Strat offers, it's remarkable how simple and effective each function comes together.

Switching pickups and adjusting volume and tone is within quick reach mid-performance, also easy to do mid-performance is make a quick adjustment to tuning with all machine heads lined up on the top side in a row.

4) Complexity

It might seem like a contradiction to celebrate complexity straight after simplicity but that's the beauty of the Strat!

The design of the Fender Stratocaster was beyond revolutionary with features like three pickups in positions that created vastly different tones, an innovative tremolo system with the tension springs discreetly positioned inside the body and a pickguard with all electronics attached to it making it easy to install, repair and modify. 

3) Customisation Possibilities

The fundamental design of a Stratocaster makes personalisation a breeze.

Just by changing the colour of your tone controls and pickup covers you could make your Strat look like an all-new guitar. If you decide to go for a completely different tone, you can load up a new pickguard with the pickups of your choice and install it to your guitar, while leaving your original pickguard configuration in tact in case you want to revert back to original condition.

2) It's All About The Tone

Personally I find myself reaching for my trusty Fender Custom Shop '63 Stratocaster Relic for so many different sounds and textures when I'm in the studio or performing.

I feel like I can express anything I want through this instrument - The neck pickup can take me from fat smoky blues tones to sensitive, articulate Jazz tones depending on my technique and tone settings, while the bridge pickup delivers some of my favourite crunchy half-driven rock tones of all time.

The fact is not all Strats are built equal, there's no denying you will always get what you pay for and investing in one that doesn't compromise on any components will be a decision you'll never regret.

1) It's Built To Play

The contours of a Stratocaster body is built fo maximum player comfort, I always find Strats less of a battle to bond with than any other guitar shape.

With so many different neck shape options as well, Fender has just about everyone covered no matter what kind of neck shape you're looking for. If you want thin, flat and fast...No problem. If you want a vintage-style fat neck, that's easy too.

There's never been so many options available when buying a Fender Stratocaster, it's certainly a great time to be a guitarist

So I decided to open a guitar shop...

So I decided to open a guitar shop... 4

Hello internet, it's with great pride I introduce you to Melbourne's newest shopping experience for guitarists - Guitar Station.

I'd be lying if I said this was the fulfilment of a life-long dream - A little over 10 years ago I was working as a newspaper journalist in my hometown of Ararat when I decided I needed to hit reset and try my hand at something else. The idea of selling music gear was supposed to be a temporary one, a way to pay the bills while I figured out what I wanted to do with my life.

If you told me back then I'd be the owner of Melbourne's only dedicated Fender guitar showroom a decade later, I would have laughed and said it's highly unlikely.

But something happened once I started selling guitars...I fell in love with the job, with the customer's stories and with the stories behind the people who create these amazing instruments.

I was 23 years old when I started selling guitars to musicians all around Australia, all you lot out there who've dealt with me over the years have quite literally watched me develop from an eager young go-getter selling Indie guitars hand-over-fist, to building up my former place of employment Sky Music into one of Australia's premier destinations for musical instruments.

Henry Dalkin in the empty store that will become Guitar Station Henry putting together shop fittings for Guitar Station

Now in 2017 I've decided to take on a new epic challenge (and gamble my life savings!), to establish an all-new retail space of my own in South Yarra where all levels of guitarist can feel welcome and excited. A store with fair honest pricing and good old-fashioned service as its calling cards. I want to do my best to offer you a satisfying shopping experience every time, in store and online.

Henry up a ladder installing slatwall at Guitar Station Henry in his new shop Guitar Station

There's a hell of a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to create a great guitar shop. I've spent countless hours over the past few months building the store from scratch, with a lot of hard physical days completing shop fittings and many long nights at the computer creating a website and completing all the mundane administrative tasks that go with running a business.

I can't wait to officially launch in a few days time so you can see the result of my hard work over the past few months, I'm looking forward to seeing you all soon!